Today is my wife’s birthday, so Evan and I took a couple of pictures for her.  The one with Evan on my head freaked Nicole out!  Evan on the other hand loved it…just look at that smile!





My sister Megan had her gallbladder removed yesterday (taking after her big bro).  In honor of my sister, here is a little present for you…hope you like it.

  • When changing Evan’s diaper remember you are on the clock.  Once the used diaper gets off, you have a very small window of time to get the new one on before you get sprayed.  Unfortunately, you never know how much time is on this imaginary clock.  Therefore, work fast, but know…sometimes the effort is futile.  Unless of course you use one of these.  
  • While a playlist with Mute Math, Coldplay, and STP might help me sleep…it doesn’t necessarily work for Evan.  Not yet at least.
  • There is nothing in the world like having your son fall asleep on your chest.  Nothing.  Never thought I would say something like that….but there it is.
  • Don’t walk around shirtless holding  Evan when it’s close to feeding time.  I’m just saying. 

My first gift to Evan when he was born was this.

Here’s what I wrote in the cover…


I love you very much son.  If there is one thing that I can impart to you in life, it is this…never quit!  You can do ALL things through Him who gives you strength.  So much of the success in your life will be determined by your attitude, and I always want you to believe that all things are possible.  Remember to always keep your head up, and push hard to the other side of every hill in your path.  Mom and I are always here for you.   

Just felt like somebody needed to hear that today!

I love being a dad!  The very best part of my day is when I walk in my front door. 

My wife is a GREAT mom, and my son is everything I hoped and prayed he would be. 

(Except of course for his sleeping patterns, but hopefully those will correct themselves very soon.)

Blogging and I have a strange relationship.

I don’t care much for telling the world all my thoughts and feelings, and I also don’t think my readers care to know what I did each minute of the day.  The combination of these two personality traits make it a little hard for me to conjure up relevant text to keep my readers thoroughly enteretained. 

As a substitute though, I am a bona fide genius at changing my blog template.  Although I went almost 6 months with no new posts at one point, I managed to change the design of my blog almost 5 times.  As expected, with each design change came a new wave of readers exicted about the hope and possibility offered through this masterpiece which is

BTW.  This is all just another example of how I am way more creative than this guy.  S.I.H.Dubs

So, I’m working from home today, and Nicole thought it was time to leave me with Evan for a little while…just he and I. 

I decided it was time for Evan to experience his own private concert.  For the many who are interested…the set list is below…enjoy! 


Hillsong – To know your name, All for love

Mute Math – Noticed, Picture

Shane and Shane – Mercy reigns, Before the throne of God above

Starbore – Motionless, Interstate

Hootie and the Blowfish – Sad Caper

Switchfoot – Dare you to move

Coldplay – In my place, Viva la Vida, clocks, the scientist

U2 – Where the streets have no name, Beautiful day

Pearl Jam – Corduroy, Daughter

Bob Marley – Three little birds, One love/people get ready

Jack Johnson – Flake, Upside down


Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

I know that I have been gone a long time. 

To be honest, I got very bored with blogging.  Mostly, because I felt like I had no reason. 

Until now…

On June 20th, 2008 my son Evan James Phillips was born.  He weighed 10lbs 2oz and was 22″ long.  His name came from the verse 1 Samuel 7:12 that shows that in the Old Testament the Israelites would take stones (Ebenezers) and set them up as a reminder to them that “thus far the Lord has helped us.”  We translate the word Ebenezer from the Hebrew word Evanetser.  Evan means “stone”, and etser means “to help”, therefore, the literal meaning of Evanetser is “stone of help”.  So, for all his days, Evan will be a stone of help in our lives, reminding us of our God’s faithfulness.  

Here are some pics for your enjoyment! 

More to come, I promise…maybe. 



Today I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Podcast and heard a great definition for DILIGENCE…and it really inspired me.  Of course, he was using the word in the context of managing your finances, but apply it where you can use it most.

“Talent is worth less than tablesalt!  I am not interested in talent, I am interested in diligence.  Diligence is discipline with excellence over a consistent period of time.” 

It doesn’t take a genius to come up with that definition, but man that will preach!

With this new year upon us…how do you need to become more diligent?

I’m BIG on tradition…especially around the holidays.

Since we found out a few months ago that Nicole is pregnant, we have started to talk about the traditions that we will practice with our children.

I stumbled upon this…and thought it had great potential.

Here’s how it works.  You buy the book and the Elf.  You read the story to your kid to give him/her the understanding that the Elf is always watching, and nightly making a trip to the North Pole to report your behavior to Santa. 

If the parents are good at playing along, they will creatively place the Elf in different places, and in different situations throughout the house.  That way, each morning during the holiday season the kids anxiously wake up to find out where the elf ended up after his trip to the North Pole.

I can see my kids coming down the stairs right now and asking…”Daddy, why is the Elf watching MuteMath on DVD?”

To which I will reply…because this will surely be a good Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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